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Fluoro Products

1. Types:

Fluoro intermediate series      Fluoro elastomers      Fluoro resins

2. Feature of Fluorochemicals:

In the chemical world, fluorine is an element considered to be the “wild one” for its high reactivity; however, when it bonds with another element, it creates a highly stable compound that is heat resistant and highly impermeable to chemicals and solvents.

Exhibiting such unique traits as non-stick, repellency to water and oil, excellent sliding properties, low refraction index, and superior electrical characteristics, high molecular compounds like fluorine compounds are used in a wide range of fields such as household appliances, OA equipment, semiconductors, and automotives.

Since fluorine atoms are small and follow only hydrogen atoms in size, replacement of hydrogen formed by organic material is simple and enables the creation of an infinite number of fluorine compounds with unique qualities that give birth to an unlimited number of untold possibilities.

With this understanding, we ask that you share with us your dilemmas as well as the uncertainties and frustrations you face in research and development. Daikin will work with you to find a solution by utilizing our extensive expertise in fluorine applications.

3. Application:

Whether it’s in the water, in the earth, in super high rise buildings, in outer space, or existing in our daily lives, new possibilities and applications are being uncovered for fluoro chemicals, Subsequently, these applications are playing a larger role in automotive, electronics, mechatronics, biotechnology and spawn compound technologies promising to realize the dreams that mankind has yet to fulfill.


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