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Fluoro Elastomers

1. Advantage:

Fluoroelastomers can be used over a wide temperature range extending from -30 to 250 and demonstrate a superior resistance to such destabilizing elements as oil, solvents, acid, alkali, and ozone, making them a better choice over other elastic objects when conditions are harsh.

2. Types:

 FPM26      FPM246      FPM2311Q

3.Application :

At present, with the economic development of the country, FPM26 is widely used in aviation, automobile, petroleum, chemical industries and construction, etc. Can be made into rubber belt, tube, film, fiber-boned sheet and gasket, fuel tank and as dipping material.

4. Safe Handing and Use:

Always read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before using and refer to each products of specific
technical resource material for precautionary items in handling each product. The following information was written as a reference on the precautionary items for general handling of fluoroelastomers.

  • Compounding agent and facility
    The common fillers and facilities for commodity rubber can be used for DAI-EL. The mixing mill needs to be cooled. Finely divided metallic powder or filler, such as aluminum and magnesium, or amine compounds of more than 10% should not be used as compounding agents for DAI-EL because such materials are known to decompose vigorously at moderately elevated temperature.

  • Storage and remixing
    Store the compound in a tightly closed package in a cool and dry place.
    Another milling before use is recommended when the compound is left for more than three days. Too tight a nip between the rolls in the mixing mill may cause scorching. Be sure to cool the rolls well whenever the compound is milled with tight nip.

  • Molding/Curing
    The work area should be adequately ventilated at all times because a small amount of toxic gases(e.g. HF, acetone, methanol, acetaldehyde, methyl iodide and carbon monoxide) may be evolved during curing.

  • Material handling
    A slight amount of hydrogen fluoride vapor may be produced during use at high temperatures (above 200Ž). The room should be well ventilated.
    Do not smoke in the work areas as harmful vapors may be inhaled when cigarettes are exposed to the powder of DAI-EL. After handling the powder of DAI-EL, knock off any dust from your hair or clothing and wash your face and hands thoroughly before smoking.

  • Disposal
    Do not incinerate DAI-EL as this can produce harmful vapors. Disposal should be done in accordance with local laws and regulations.


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