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Fluoro Resins

1. Advantage:

Compared to other polymer materials, fluoropolymers have unique properties that give them superior resistance to heat, chemicals, and weather while providing non-stick and low friction characteristics. Fluoropolymers are used as indispensable materials at plants in a wide range of fields such as semiconductors, information technology, architecture, automotive, and chemicals for their ability to improve operation efficiency and purity, ensure maintenance free operation under harsh conditions, and protect plant equipment.

2. Types:



2. Application :

In comparison to other polymers, fluoropolymer excel in heat, chemical and weather resistance. Other than that, they have very unique characteristics such as non-stick property and low friction. They are widely used in production equipment, piping and tanks to improve efficiency and purity, protect equipment and ensure maintenance-free running under harsh conditions.

3.Safe Handing and Use:

Although Fluoroplastics present no hazard under normal processing conditionsthese safe-handling points should be followed:


  • The work area should be adequately ventilated at all times because HF, COF2 may begin to be produced at above the following temperatures (PTFE. PFA=260, PFA=230, ETFE=180, PCTFE=150) and the volume may increases at temperatures above these (PTFE. PFA=400, FEP=300, ETFE=260, PCTFE=200). IF fluoroplastic is incinerated, the acidic gases must be removed by alkaline scrubbing techniques.

  • Personnel should be cautioned against inhaling the fumes liberated during processing and provided with suitable protective equipment.

  • Do not smoke in the work areas as harmful vapors and gases can be produced if fluoropolymers become transferred onto tobacco.

  • Avoid breathing dust and contact with eyes.

  • Wash hands and face after handling.

  • Waste generated during processing should be treated by waste treatment specialists and disposed of in accordance with federal, state and local waste disposal regulations.

  • Read the "Material Safety Data Sheet" before beginning processing operations.


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