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Silicone Fluids

Our Silicone Fluid Products:

An introduction to silicone Fluids and their uses:

    Silicone Fluids are linear polymers whose chains contain between 2 and well over 1,000 silicon atoms, each of which is linked to the next by an oxygen atom. Unlike mineral oils, silicone fluids change very little in viscosity over a wide temperature range. Another characteristic is their high wetting power, which contributes to such special properties as water repellency and antifoaming action. Another important property of silicone fluids is that they are inherently inert towards other substrates.

Silicone fluids are typically clear, transparent liquids. Product types range from free flowing, water-like fluids to viscous, syrup-like fluids. These silicone fluids are resistant to high and low temperatures, water, and chemicals. They have excellent electrical properties, and they exhibit mold reliability, water repellency, and defoaming characteristics not found in ordinary mineral and synthetic oil products. Silicone fluids are thus used in a variety of applications ranging from electronics, transport machinery, chemicals, machinery, textiles, pulp, construction, civil engineering, cosmetics, and household goods.

    Silicone Fluids have unique properties because they are not products of petroleum or organic chemistry. They were the first, and are still the only, major class of polymers that are products of inorganic chemistry. Silicone fluids consist of a broad range of different materials with the following characteristics:

  • Wide Service Temperature Range
  • Low Viscosity Changes vs. Temperature
  • Thermal Stability
  • Low Flammability
  • Shear Stability
  • Dielectric Stability
  • High Compressibility
  • Chemical Inertness
  • Low Surface Tension
  • Low Toxicity

Silicones Fluids can be divided into six general classes:

  • Conventional Fluids
  • Thermal Fluids
    Diphenylsiloxane-Dimethylsiloxane Copolymers [68043-14-7]
    Phenylmethylsiloxane-Dimethylsiloxane Copolymers [63148-52-7]
    Phenylmethylsiloxane Homololymers [9005-12-3]
    Phenylmethylsiloxane Oligomers [3982-82-9] & [3390-61-2]
  • Organics Compatible Fluids
  • Fluorosilicone Fluids
    Poly(3,3,3-Trifluoropropylmethylsiloxane) [63148-56-1]
  • Hydrophilic & Polar Fluids 
  • Low Temperature Fluids

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