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 Silicone Resins

The list of our silicone resins:

  • Purity silicone resins:
An introduction to silicone resins and their uses:

    The class of silicone resins extends from relatively low-molecular intermediates to high-molecular, densely cross-linked resins of a wide variety of structures. Reactive silicone resins offer great scope for copolymerization with organic resins, e.g., polyesters. Crosslinking is generally carried out at elevated temperatures over a long period of time, during which a temporary thermoplastic phase occurs.

    Silicone resins are the basis of silicone masonry protection agents. The high heat resistance and outstanding range of properties of silicone resins are utilized in the electrical industry in binders for glass fabrics and sealants for light bulbs or in impregnates for electric motors.


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