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Silicone Rubbers

Our Silicone Rubber Products:

An introduction to silicone rubber and their uses:

    The constituents of silicone rubbers are long-chain polysiloxanes, catalysts, crosslinking agents and various fillers, such as fumed silica (HDK), quartz, chalk and kaolin, as well as other additives such as pigments, adhesion promoters, and the like.

    They are converted to the elastomeric (rubbery) state by vulcanization, i. e., crosslinking of the chains.

    According to the type of vulcanization (crosslinking agent and temperature) and the viscosity of the base polymers silicone rubbers are classified as follows:

    RTV-1 silicone rubbers are one-component, ready-to-use, room-temperature vulcanizing systems. They comprise polydimethylsiloxanes, crosslinking agents, fillers, and auxiliaries. After application, crosslinking is initiated by contact with atmospheric moisture and proceeds with the elimination of by-products. It therefore starts at the surface with the formation of a skin and gradually extends inwards.

    RTV-2 silicone rubbers are two-component, pourable, spreadable or kneadable compounds that cure to highly flexible silicone vulcanizates on addition of the crosslinking agent.


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